Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment screenings are very common for jobs in physically demanding industries. The staff at Ankeny Walk-In Clinic are certified to perform Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exams, and many others.

Pre-employment screenings can help an organization and business make better choices as they hire new employees, but they can also help you get an overview of your current health status.

Pre-Employment Physical Exam: What to Expect

Ankeny Walk-In Clinic offers a pre-employment physical exam. What to expect during your next pre-employment physical can involve a few key areas, shown below. Note that not all pre-employment physicals will include every item below, as they may be tailored to the type of job you are applying for.

Health Questions

Your pre-employment physical will begin with some basic questions to help the doctor get a general understanding of the current state of your health. These might include questions about your lifestyle, diet, amount of exercise, family history, and more.

Physical Examination

After some fundamental health questions, you’ll undergo a standard physical examination that you might have for a general health checkup. The physical examination portion is done to ensure that your body will be able to withstand some of the very basic requirements of the job you are about to take.

Psychological & Mental Health Tests

Depending on the industry, some jobs may be psychologically demanding. Your doctor may administer a number of tests to gauge your psychological health, to ensure that you will be able to deal with the tasks of your job. This will also help to rule out other mental health problems that could become an issue during the job.

Drug and Alcohol Tests

Most employers, especially those of larger organizations, will require you to be drug and alcohol free during your time on the clock or for the workweek. These initial drug and alcohol tests will ensure that you are truly not inhibited by drugs and alcohol. Some companies may administer random drug and/or alcohol tests to verify that their employees are staying drug and alcohol free during their employment.

Physical Ability Tests

Depending on the job you’re applying for, a “physical ability test” may be administered to prove you are physically capable of specific tasks that will be required as a baseline for the job. This helps employers avoid hiring individuals that may be prone to injury while on the job, and will help you to find a job that your body can physically withstand.

One of the primary goals of a pre-employment physical is to ensure that employees will be physically capable of taking on the job at hand. It can help employers get an understanding of the basic health status of an individual, while giving you the opportunity to get an updated overview about your current health.

Knowing what a pre-employment physical consists of can help you to feel more at ease when completing a pre-employment screening for a potential employer. Contact us today at Ankeny Walk-In Clinic to learn more about pre-employment physicals and to schedule an appointment for your checkup.

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